Monday, 9 February 2009

Lux is Out

I was a gig virgin when I saw Cramps. We took the train to Portsmouth wrapped in PVC and leather and loaded to the gills with bad amphetamine. I don't remember much about the gig apart from the fact they did not play much more than half an hour; that did not seem to matter though because their point had been made. We inevitably missed the last train back and spent the night in a random shed. The sensibilities of Lux Interior (photographed above like a de Ribera St Batholemew), their front man, expressed perfectly my teenage dissatisfaction with the life my careers officer was offering me; I don't want a 9-5 job.... 'I want some new kind of kick'. Lux, who loved to shock, executed his most shocking act ever this week, almost unbelievably, he died. Some time has passed since I saw him and I still have never had a 9-5 so at least a small part of my existence is on track; Lux, your influence lives on. Check out this page for some excellent Cramps moments
I chatted to Catrin Dafydd today who with her latest book Random Deaths and Custard is on the short list fo
r the 'Spread the Word: Books to Talk About 2009' award. Upon reflection Catrin's mind was clearly a Bugatti Veyron to my Rover with go faster stripes which made me all the more keen to discuss with her the passing of Lux and what was expected of her as she grew up. She told me that creativity to her was always an 'outlet rather than an achievement' and her father too was a writer; perhaps this holistic approach to the creative process in some way explains her balance in success. Catrin has written some astonishing musings on childhood for Blown issue1. We wish her all the best with the award. You can vote for her here
yours in hopeful mourning

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