Wednesday, 28 January 2009


John Cale left the Velvet Underground on the year I was born, (Cale, on the right is iconically photographed with the Velvets by Gerry Malanga and below: by Bevis Bowden in 2008 at his home town of Garnant South Wales) since then his influence has inseminated my existence through his involvment with The Stooges, Patti Smith, the Happy Mondays and the punk revolution which he was at the bleeding edge of. I find it fascinating as a visual artist that he has been asked to represent Wales at the Venice Biennale- It seems I can not escape him. He is truly a renaissance man, a bard engaging and collaborating in every art form from film through all manner of experimental music to poetry and performance. Cale will be making a film for the festival at the beginning of March; The Biennale's people have asked Blown's people to make a photographic record of the event so watch this space!
After 800 years Blown is moving its offices from Chateau Blown (pictured left) to the throbbing heart of the Pear Media Empire (below- If you look carefully you can see me waving, 17th row window 14th from the left). I will miss shooting peasants on Christmas day and the nine course breakfasts we used to enjoy; but in our new offices we will have electricity and indoor flushing toilets. We firmly believe that all magazines will soon be thus equipped.

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