Wednesday, 14 January 2009

I am up to my elbows in blood....

...but the ritual rebranding of Blown is finally complete and ready to be rolled out across our global chain of abatoirs and boutique cryogenic units.
But enough about us what about Michael Sheen, I met him under the M4 at Portalbot, He was impeccably turned out and supremely affable .Our pet genius Zac Mead was photographing him for the National Museum and the National Portrait Gallery whilst old gents ambled slowly past with terriers in tow, Zac had chosen to photograph Michael in his home town as he returned to visit his family in between marketing assaults and appearances for Frost Nixon. The space under the M4 is silent,completely silent in spite of thousands of tons metal roaring just 30ft above our heads. I lied to some kids from a special school from whom the question 'whadje doin mista' worried me more than the it ought to have. I felt sure they would explode if they knew how close they were to the Hollywood dream. Portalbot inspired Ridley Scott (who was also brought up there) to create Bladerunner and I think it is beautiful and every experience I have had there only further rienforces that conviction.
The last time I took a photograph there at night the bomb squad paid a visit to search my car and home the next day, I had been reported,photographed, databased and tagged as a potential terrorist. God Bless Portalbot.

Here is a great preview to Portalbot steelworks on Youtube- brings out the little boy in me.

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