Wednesday, 14 January 2009

White Knuckle Ride

It has been an extraordinary white knuckle journey, a rollercoaster ride even- We have a vision to build a magazine that sits between academic publications such as Portfolio and edgy fashion mags like Exit.
Our most recent high has been to have Ed Pereira from Pear Media come on board as our exec. editor . His business genius is so overwhelming as to be deemed illegal in certain EU countries and he now has the remit of whipping us flaky creatives into some semblance of order. Our other main partner is the Arts Council of Wales who invested in us when we were just musings on the back of a fag packet. We love them for it.
I will relay events in the journey over the coming weeks and introduce you to our extraordinary contributors. Opposite is a new piece of work by the renowned Tom Wood entitled 'Walking through Shoes' .Tom took 3000 rolls of film and 15 years to build his 'All Zones Off Peak' buses series. This image is from a new unpublished body of work . We salute you Tom; you are an obsessive.

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